What Is Considered Fat in China?

Here’s a question for you: If a woman weighs 50 kg (110 lbs) at 160 cm (5’5″) tall, is she “fat”? In America, the answer would be “No way!” And in fact, the question itself is a bit rude. But in China, some people would say “Yes.” Today, we’re looking at what is considered “fat” … Read more

The 7 Most Fluent English Speaking Countries in Asia

Traveling in Asia as someone who only speaks English, you’re bound to face some language barriers. Granted, most tourist areas will have a decent amount of English. But outside of those spots, it depends a lot on the country. Personally, I’ve been living as a digital nomad in Asia for over two years, and I’ve … Read more

What Is Considered Tall in China?

Between 1985 and 2019, the average height of Chinese men increased by a shocking 3.5″ (9 cm). So, China is indeed getting taller. More on that below—but first, let’s cover how tall is “tall” in China today. The average height in China is 5’9″ (175 cm) for men and 5’4″ (163 cm) for women. That … Read more

What Is Considered Rich in China?

When judging by total GDP, China is the second richest country in the world (behind the United States). But on an individual level, how much money is needed to be “rich” in China? Would you be considered rich in China? A monthly income of ~$10,000 USD or more would arguably make you “rich” in China. … Read more