The 7 Most Fluent English Speaking Countries in Asia

Traveling in Asia as someone who only speaks English, you’re bound to face some language barriers. Granted, most tourist areas will have a decent amount of English. But outside of those spots, it depends a lot on the country. Personally, I’ve been living as a digital nomad in Asia for over two years, and I’ve … Read more

What Is Considered Tall in Malaysia?

Average height can vary dramatically between different countries and regions of the world. Personally, I found when I moved from the U.S. to Southeast Asia, a lot more people viewed me as “tall” in SE Asia. Today, let’s take a detailed look at height in Malaysia and what is generally considered “tall” in Malaysia. Would … Read more

What Is Considered Rich in Malaysia?

When I visited Kuala Lumpur this year, I stayed in luxury condos downtown for ~$40 USD per night. With those kinds of deals, it’s easy to feel rich in Malaysia. And truly, it’s one of the big perks of living or traveling there. But today, let’s explore: How much money is needed to truly be … Read more