What Is Considered Fat in South Korea?

Did you know: The average female K-Pop idol is ~165 cm tall (5’5″) and weighs only ~45 kg (99 lbs). Now that’s slim! In a country with strict beauty standards and thin celebrities like this, have you ever wondered what counts as “fat” in South Korea? According to numerous Koreans interviewed, the “ideal weight” for … Read more

The 7 Most Fluent English Speaking Countries in Asia

Traveling in Asia as someone who only speaks English, you’re bound to face some language barriers. Granted, most tourist areas will have a decent amount of English. But outside of those spots, it depends a lot on the country. Personally, I’ve been living as a digital nomad in Asia for over two years, and I’ve … Read more

What Is Considered Tall in South Korea?

The average height of South Korean women has increased by a shocking 8″ (20 cm) in the last century. Meanwhile, the men have grown by 6″ (15 cm). These changes point to one of the biggest economic success stories in history. But before we get into all that… How tall is “tall” in South Korea … Read more

What Is Considered Rich in South Korea?

Over the past 60 years, South Korea has grown rapidly to become one of the wealthiest countries in Asia. But on an individual level, how much is needed to be “rich” in South Korea today? Would you qualify as “rich” there? A monthly income of ~$6,000 USD or more would arguably make you “rich” in … Read more