The 7 Most Fluent English Speaking Countries in Asia

Traveling in Asia as someone who only speaks English, you’re bound to face some language barriers. Granted, most tourist areas will have a decent amount of English. But outside of those spots, it depends a lot on the country. Personally, I’ve been living as a digital nomad in Asia for over two years, and I’ve … Read more

What Is Considered Tall in Taiwan?

As you travel the world, you’ll notice big differences in average heights (and weights). Generally, East Asia tends to be on the shorter side. But what about Taiwan? What counts as “tall” in Taiwan nowadays? The average height in Taiwan is 5’8″ (173 cm) for men and 5’3″ (160 cm) for women. If you’re 6’0″ … Read more

What Is Considered Rich in Taiwan?

For whatever reason, many Americans seem to think Taiwan is a “poor country.” However, when you look at the economic stats, Taiwan is not poor at all, not these days. It’s become quite a wealthy country. Today, let’s look at how much money is needed to be “rich” in Taiwan, on an individual level. Would … Read more