The Internet has thousands of travel and expat websites, and even hundreds that focus on Asia. So, what’s different about Escape to Asia?

Below are 3 core pillars of the Escape to Asia philosophy and mindset. If these resonate with you, then you know we’re on the same page.

1. Escape the Angry and Divided Culture of the West.

People in the West aren’t very happy lately. The last few election cycles in America have been vicious. Even my parents have become polarized in their views. And frankly, it’s exhausting.

When you move to Asia, you can leave that behind. Of course, any country has issues you could get upset about. But as a foreigner, they won’t be shoved in your face as much.

So instead of constantly arguing and debating, you can relax. Honestly, I stopped watching the news entirely, and sometimes I even forget about the culture wars back home entirely.

Thailand is nicknamed “The Land of Smiles.” All SE Asian countries are known for their “friendly locals.” Compared to America, you won’t find angry yard signs or political rants in peoples’ Tinder bios.

These are not perfect countries—but for many of us, you can make a life in SE Asia that’s much more peaceful than back home.

2. Become “Rich” Overnight By Moving to SE Asia.

The most practical reason to move to SE Asia is financial. Your money goes dramatically further here. I’m talking 2 to 5 times further, depending on the city and the expenses in question.

For many of you, you’ll go from being “average” or even “poor” in your overpriced Western country, to suddenly being “rich” in SE Asia.

Did you know: A monthly income of ~$1,700 USD puts you in the top 5% of earners in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, while being in the top ~35% in Thailand?

This means, with an income stream that’s just a “side hustle” in America, you can support yourself comfortably in many parts of SE Asia.

This low cost of living allows you to:

  • Live a better lifestyle. For cheap prices, you can stay in nicer places, eat out more, and travel more. In most places, you can live well on $1,500 a month. Meanwhile, for ~$5,000 a month, you can live a life of luxury.
  • Stress less about money. If you’re earning a western income online, you can meet your needs easily in SE Asia, with plenty left over. This means you can have a big cushion and feel relaxed about money in general.
  • Invest for the future. Because you’re spending less on necessities, you can invest the extra income and grow long-term wealth faster.

If you do things right, you can also pay less tax by living in SE Asia. Even us Americans, who are taxed based on our citizenship, can still massively reduce our taxes with the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE).

3. Build Your Dream Life in Asia, Piece by Piece.

When you move across the world, it creates a “new beginning” for you. This is an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and start over with everything. You can build your life in Asia to be whatever you want.

Maybe you haven’t been happy with your recent life in the West. Maybe you had a disaster like a bad divorce or a business failure. But when you move to Asia, you have a blank new canvas to create your life on.

The purpose of Escape to Asia is to help you put together your new life in such a way that you actually get your dream life.

So, what does your ideal day look like?

  • Are you waking up to a view of skyscrapers from a high-rise in Bangkok?
  • Can you hear the ocean waves crashing outside your window in Bali?
  • Are you relaxing in the Philippines countryside with your future spouse?

When you learn to make money online, you’ll have the freedom not only to move to Asia permanently, but also to move around as often as you like. With location and time freedom, you can build your life into almost anything.

Figure out the online income streams you want, where you want to live, how often you want to travel, and what social life you want… And get to work building it!

That is the promise of Escape to Asia: Design and build your new life in Asia with intelligence, and it’ll be 10x better than the life you knew in your home country.

– Steven Paul